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The Sound of Doing Something

“Where is your Jesus when the kids are going through this?” I saw this comment on a post praising the rescues of 100+ children described in The Sound of Freedom movie. You want to know where Jesus is? He’s in YOU, waiting for YOU to act! While millions of people don’t act and these children are trafficked and abused like you couldn’t believe, Jesus is one of them. He is suffering right alongside them, crying out asking “Where are YOU?”.

He has given you the facts, abilities, and resources to do something. So ask yourself- what are MY unique gifts? How can I make a difference? Because YOU can.

This is not some white savior movie as another commentator called it because it takes place outside the US. This is not about the methods behind how the saving was done. This is about the children. Point blank. Full stop.

It’s about the freedom of the children. About not stopping in the face of undeniable evil. About not stopping when all looks impossible. About not stopping when you’re told no or you’re wrong or it’s not worth the risk. It’s about putting your suffocating comfort on the line! Getting uncomfortable and DOING SOMETHING GOOD WITH THE  LIFE YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN.

These are not once in a lifetime heroes. These are people who kept making the next right decision. What is YOUR next right decision? What is God asking YOU to do right now?

Don’t stop for a second and then say, “I can’t hear Him” and move on with your life. Go TO Him. Spend time WITH Him. And stop taking the easy way out when He convicts your heart or humbles your frail ego. Instead THANK HIM. Thank Him for not leaving you to your own devices and menial goals. Thank Him for loving you so dang much that He wouldn’t stop pursuing you even if YOU were the one in the cartel or supplying these children or abusing them yourself.

This movie showed every spectrum of person and response. Praise be to God for meeting us where we’re at over and over and over again. It is NEVER too late.

Writing is a gift I’ve been given but that’s not the only one. I will be taking my own advice and asking the Lord what He desires me to do in the face of human and child trafficking. And that might not look like the direct route we tend to envision when asking for directions. Maybe for some it’s directly getting in the fight via special ops missions or joining an organization dedicated to its eradication. Maybe it’s changing policies in your own companies that feed the billion dollar industry in direct or indirect ways. Maybe it’s quitting your porn use even if it’s of “consenting” adults. Maybe it’s cancelling your streaming subscription that promotes child exploitation (like the movie Cuties) over movies that desire to end this affront to human freedom. Let’s stop thinking so short sited and let the Lord make us uncomfortable in what He’s calling us to do here. Because this is an uncomfortable reality so our response is surely going to be too.

Whatever He calls me to I BEG Him that He gives me the courage, hope, and fortitude to answer that call without hesitation. I can’t and never have been able to do any of it on my own- not saying yes to the café or leaving my job without having a job or literally anything big or small. Those yeses are thanks to Him every. single. time.

If you have children, if you work with children, if you know a child– go see this movie and watch the many interviews out there now with Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel. Go ahead and read the articles that push back too because it does us no good to white wash anything. But DO NOT underestimate the evil that is out there- in the trafficking and in those trying to cover it up. (I happened to watch The Big Short again last night- a reminder about the big bank’s role in the 2008 financial and housing crisis and the evil hiding in plain site there too).

Even those who answer the call don’t do everything right- if that’s not obvious from the Bible then you’re not reading it- BUT that doesn’t make God pursue them any less either. The mission He has for us remains and He will constantly try to redirect us when we step off course by wooing our hearts with His pure love. And who doesn’t want to be wooed by pure love?

If you’ve read to the end of this, then you’ve already had your heart convicted. There is no going back. Do not let this go to waste. Do something. Now.


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